Where furry Nintendo DS gamers exchange tips, tricks and friend codes...

'Cause you can't spend all your time playing with yourself...

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If you consider yourself part of the furry community... If you own a DS... And if you're looking to meet new people who share your interests... Then read on!

You may be wondering why we need another furry or DS community...

You could just join a generic DS community... But then you'd be surrounded by generic gamers.

You could join a furry gamer community... But then you'd be surrounded by games and systems you may not be interested in.

You could join every single community dedicated to each and every DS game out there... But then you wouldn't hear about what's new.

And you could even join one of the Here's my friend code, please be my friend type communites... But you never know what kind of gamer you're gonna meet there, and are just as likely to end up with a stalker than someone you enjoy playing against.

So why suffer through any of the above options when there's ds_furs, a community filled with people who share your handheld system, furry interests, taste in games and who want to know the friend behind the code...