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DS Lite Question

I was curious if anyone else with a DS Lite had issues walking around in Animal Cross:WW, using the D-Pad. For some reason, it seems to be a lot more annoying to walk around with the D-Pad on my new Red/Black DS Lite than my old Red DS. Was curious if it was just an issue with the game, or is it an issue with my new DS? Walking up and right with the D-pad makes me usually walk either straight right or up and so I end up struggling with the controls.

I haven't tried too many other games but its really noticable on AC.

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I have the new crimson black and nope no problems with AC at all on either my new one or my husband's DS lite.
So, its probably my D-pad then? *sigh*
Probably.... I would return it to the gamestore and get a new one. I had to bring mine back the day after I got it because there was a dead pixle in the middle of the screen...they didn't give me any probs and I got a replacement ;-)
This is why I got the 2 year replacement warranty anyways. My normal DS has a dead spot after a year or so on the screen where the touch doesn't work well.
We have gone through 2 GBA and 2 DS Phats because of a problem with the L and R buttons....luckily Nintendo sent us refurbished ones but that was an ongoing problem for awhile. That seems to happen if one carries the DS in a pocket O_O