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Running a community takes time and effort...  When someone posts, you've got to be right there responding!  When nobody posts, you've got to come up with new topics and encourage conversation!

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to run this group properly and it has fallen by the wayside.  Which, come on...  How hard can it be to keep furs talking about the DS?!?  New models, new games...  They're being played in every hallway at every con...

So here's the deal.  I believe in the DS, and I believe in this group...  I just don't have the time to keep things active here, so...

Do you love your DS?  Are you all about the LJ?  Are you a furry?  Have you ever wanted to run your own group?1?


Tell me why I should turn over control of this group to you personally (BESIDES the fact that I've been sucking at it lately) and you may find yourself with an established LJ Community OF YOUR VERY OWN!!!

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