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Hold off on buying a DS Lite!

(cross posted with minor edits from my journal)

Last night Nintendo announced the DSi, a new version of the Nintendo DS that deletes the GBA slot (and functionality) and adds a camera and SD slot. The new features are of questionable usefulness (no mention of SDHC compatibility, and only AAC support, no mp3) when compared to the GBA slot, and Nintendo has decided to pull a nasty move in respect to marketing: the DSi will NOT see a US release untill next year because Nintendo is hoping to sell more Lites during the US holiday shopping season.

So if you were planning on upgrading from a "Phat" to a Lite or were considering a holiday purchase for someone else, I would wait until the DSi is out. Not to get the latest model, but to sabotage the big N's plans, and also hold out for a price drop in the Lite.
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