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Bad Ebay seller

1st this isnt about a DS issue so if its not allowed and is to be deleted its ok.

Recently my fiance purchased a gamecubegame from ebay. The seller stated in the auction that it had been played once but was mint and scratch free. My fiance is a collector of older games so this fact is very important to him. He bought the game.
It took much longer to arrive that had been expected and when it did arrive the seller had put it in a plain envelope, no padding at all. The packaging was damaged and when he opened it the case to the game was crushed and the game had been out of the clasp inside it so it was sctatched very badly. Upon examination of the game there were clearly 2 sets of scratches. one set new from the shipping and an older set from being played with, definatly not the mint he originally stated.
My fiance promptly contacted the seller about the issue. No reply came. He later emailed again. My fiance against my advise left neutral feedback for the seller before the issue was worked out. Well 2 Days ago he got a reply from the seller and was cussed out, the seller screaming at him about what did he expect for paying less thant 20.00 for a game that normally sold for much more. This was not a buy it now auction. So IMO the seller was mad he didnt get more for the game. The Seller not only left negative feedback but advised other sellers "not to sell to this cry baby".
Other than a mutual feedback with drawal is there anyway my fiance can clear this negative from his otherwise flawless 7yrold ebay account(he has 21 entries of feedback)? The seller, we believe will not go for the mutual withdrawal as he showed obviously he didnt care about the neutral as it didnt effect his over all rating.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

the Ebay sellers name is He_man111.
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Your fiancee did the worst thing possible - leaving feedback before the seller does. He should've filed a complaint with eBay and PayPal if the seller wasn't cooperating, at least you'd get the money back or a replacement that way.

Since the item was not as described he should still file a complaint against him with eBay. If the seller does not comply... he can still get a refund. But that neg? It's there. And it won't get removed.
I told him not to leave any feedback. But well its all there now so theres nothing much to do since were sure the seller wont go for a mutual retraction.

We'll see.
Yeah, he should have waited to receive feedback.

I recommend filing a PayPal dispute.