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Gamer Kat

Hello there

Sparing a long intro, Im a 25 year old gamer leopardess from California. I am an artist, writer, bellydancer, web designer, 3D animator and jewelry/crafts person among other things. My interests spread far and wide but I have not deviated from videogaming since I got my first game system at age 14.

I recently got a DS last Xmas. Since then, I have only 2 games that really have good use for the WiFi function--Animal Crossing and my newest, Pokemon Diamond. I do not play Animal Crossing as much anymore and now Pokemon has sort of dominated my DS for the most part (poor Mario, Luigi and that Brain guy!). Sadly I am fully aware that I might of missed the Pokemon boat because of how late into things I am in acquiring the game (this is the story of my life. "Rainy day" money just does not come so easily to me.).

Still, I would be curious to know who here plays those two games (Animal Crossing and Pokemon). I do not have any fur gamers that I network with so that would be a nice change.

Hope to meet more of you.
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